Employment Law

The firm advises on the best labour practices, disciplinary conduct hearings engagement, employment terms and termination of employment, be it by notice, summary dismissal or redundancy. We have represented clients both at the conciliation stage before Labour Officers of the Ministry of East Africa Community, Labour and Social Protection; and at the court hearing stage before judges in the Employment and Labour Relations Court.

We advise also on and draft human resource manuals, workplace policies including mandatory policies such as that on sexual harassment and those recommended by best practices, dealings with unions, recognition agreements, collective bargaining agreements, employment agreements, directors’ service agreements.

The firm also undertakes training of human resource professionals on best labour practices from the legal perspective and minimizing risks of costly suits between employers and employees, on invitation by organisations; and develops Employee Share Ownership Plans for corporates.

Furthermore, we strive to keep our clients constantly updated on developments and the practical implications of legal and regulatory changes, emanating from legislation and the courts.

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